What They Are Saying


“I’m excited about the YFC because I’ve long believed in the value of collectives through which we can figure out ways to focus more on mission delivery and less on the operations. Also, LGBTQ people exist within all industries, populations, and organizations and their needs are as diverse as the community at large. As a community center, we're never going to be able to fully address every need, so finding ways to create more affirming spaces throughout the community is important in serving the needs of LGBTQ people everywhere.”

David Heitstuman, Executive Director Sacramento LGBT Community Center,
YFC Member Organization

"This is a turning point. The brightest minds from every sector have come to the table and committed to one another's success in improving lives in low-opportunity communities. And that means working together to build a better structural approach than the one we have now."

Josh Rosa, Managing Director
Elevate Public Affairs, YFC Partner

“I have spent my whole career working in the nonprofit industry and have always believed that there is a better way for all of us to do business. Now more than ever, our youth and families need support services that are high quality, effective and seamlessly delivered. Most importantly, to address the wicked issues confronting our youth and families, we must have programs that are invested in communities for the long term.  I believe the
YFC will revolutionize the way we do business, allow for service sustainability and allow passionate nonprofit leaders to come together and solve these wicked problems.”

Staci Anderson, President & CEO
PRO Youth & Families, YFC Member Organization & YFC Leadership Team

“The Wish List Project joins the YFC to be a part of a revolution in the way nonprofits deliver services. As a small organization, we have the flexibility to meet the individual needs of all youth for which we provide funding, but lack the bandwidth to expand our reach to more young people and their families. Through the collective, we now utilize shared work space with PRO Youth and Families and Reading Partners Sacramento. We believe our commitment to working together with all members of the YFC, will help build more sustainable programs, reduce costs, and streamline access to services and resources for families in our region.”

Sheila Hull Summers
The Wish List Project, YFC Member Organization

"I strongly support the Youth and Family Collective (YFC). Over the years I have been approached by many very worthwhile organizations, each with a compelling story. They provided statistics on their activities, but what I didn't hear were actual results. Are kids better off because of these activities? Over 20 nonprofit organizations are working together, rather than competing. The YFC will be the central focus point for administrative operations as well as guiding youth and families through the maze of services. The YFC is focused on prevention and results, not simply treating the symptom.”

Frank Zaccari, CEO
Zaccari & Associates, YFC Volunteer Consultant

“The old adage, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’  is profoundly reflected in a vision that is rapidly beginning to generate extraordinary transformation in the nonprofit community. As the Executive Director of the Sheriff’s Community Impact Program (SCIP), I am very excited to have an opportunity to be an active partner in a collaboration that brings together nonprofits from the greater Sacramento area. This alliance, known as the Youth & Family Collective (YFC), aims to provide an exceptional platform that will allow SCIP to continue its mission of delivering programs and services to youth in communities throughout Sacramento County while at the same time, increasing capacity to raise much needed funds and more accurately chart our impact. The notion of strength in numbers rings especially true with the YFC.  As a collective of nonprofits, all of which share a common goal to better our communities, I look forward to joining the movement that will shatter the slowness of change so often experienced in our pursuit of creating a better world for the people we serve. I believe our village just got bigger.”

Michael Saigeon, Founder & Executive Director
Sheriff’s Community Impact Program, YFC Member Organization

“As a culturally responsive domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking organization, it is vital that our community know about My Sister’s House and its services. How could My Sister’s House not join the Youth & Family Collective? With great brains and great organizations, My Sister’s House looks forward to building a stronger community for Sacramento’s youth
and families.”

Nilda Valmores, Executive Director
My Sister’s House, YFC Member Organization

“After 30 years of driving efficiency in a corporate environment, it was obvious that revolutionizing the way that nonprofits, funders, and others operate would have a tremendous positive impact on youth and families they service. The opportunities are endless.”

Debbie Merizon, Intel Encore Fellow, Chief Financial Officer
PRO Youth & Families, YFC Member Organization

“The STORM Team (Special Team of Role Models) has set out to connect and partner with other role models that serve youth in the community. The YFC’s mission and core values integrate well with those held by STORM, which makes being a part of this extraordinary opportunity the obvious choice for us.”

Ron Robinson, C.E.O.
Special Team of Role Models (STORM), YFC Member Organizatio

“Humans think by talking together. We learn from each other. Our organizations grow and thrive through collective action. We joined the YFC because we are stronger together, because thinking and working together has the power to impact our community exponentially.”

Scot Siden, Program Manager
Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program at Nehemiah Community Foundation, YFC Member Organization

“Team Giving is proud to be a part of the YFC. By supporting nonprofits through impactful coordination of volunteers, we can help ensure the success of the YFC and our partner organizations to support and strengthen our communities.”

Cynthia Woods & Trudy Harris
Team Giving, YFC Member Organization

“As a leader of a small nonprofit, I’ve learned a lot about how organizations can be effective and efficient. Primary is the ability to collaborate and work with other nonprofits. The Youth & Family Collective is an excellent opportunity for nonprofits to be stronger together, to concentrate efforts and improve impact. River City Food Bank strongly supports the ideals and tenets of the Collective.”

Eileen Thomas, Executive Director
River City Food Bank, YFC Member Organization