Join the Revolution!

Join the revolution and help make COLLECTIVE IMPACT in our community by supporting COLLECTIVE ACTION. The Youth & Family Collective has the volunteer opportunity for you – from ongoing opportunities to one-time events. Your contribution of time and talent – no matter how big or small—can empower youth and families in our community and help create systemic change.

Get connected to the right opportunity for you, visit the Youth & Family Collective Volunteer Portal on YFC partner Team Giving’s website: https://www.teamgiving.org/Youth-and-Family-Collective

Or contact us at info@YouthAndFamilyCollective.org

Who is Team Giving?

Team Giving is an integral part of YFC. By supporting the volunteer needs of YFC organizations, Team Giving helps streamline resources and deliver greater value per donated dollar. Team Giving works with volunteers, nonprofits, and businesses in the Greater Sacramento Region to connect those who have a desire to volunteer with organizations in need. Team Giving inspires and facilitates volunteerism and offers a simple, coordinated path for volunteers and nonprofits to engage, creating successful and sustainable partnerships.